• By Norm Holleman
  • Posted Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ROD Works to Improve Efficiency

Electronic Real Estate Filing is now available in Forsyth County. The first electronic document was received and recorded November 17th 2009. E-recording makes it possible for attorneys, realtors, and title Companies around the country to file documents easily, securely, and quickly from their office to the Register of Deeds Office. Once a document has been accepted, it is electronically stamped and sent back to the submitter where it is viewable online.

We have also started doing e-notary in our office. When a notary applicant comes into our office to take their oath, they can now take their Notary Certificate with them instead of waiting for it to be mailed to them from the Secretary of State’s office.

We have also started a new program where an elected official is present the last day of notary school classes to sign graduates applications where it is required to have an elected official’s signature. This saves the graduate a trip downtown to get this signature.

We are proud to be able to offer these new services in our office.

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