Arson is not a victimless crime

Arson fires kill over 500 civilians each year and cause two billion dollars in property damage. How would you picture an arsonist? A dangerous-looking, shifty-eyed criminal . . . someone with an axe to grind? Maybe someone with little regard for human life, or someone with a pattern of violent behavior? Would you ever imagine a kid? According to the FBI, more than 50% of those arrested for setting arson fires are juveniles. In fact, juvenile arson is the fastest growing teen and pre-teen crime in the country.

Your help is needed to reduce the risk of arson in our community. If you suspect that someone you know has set a fire or experiments with fire, please contact the Forsyth County Fire Division. Fire experimentation is not "just a natural phase" that every young person goes through. It can be as deadly as leaving a loaded gun on a counter top and intervention and education could make the difference.

To report arson or fraud:

Contact Winston Salem Crime Stoppers


Contact the Forsyth County Emergency Services Fire Division


Send a Confidential Email